Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)
Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

Design Mill designs and develops high resolution 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). Our team of professionals integrates talent, technology, and creativity to stretch the boundaries of interactive training and technical manual development. We offer a tremendous amount of functionality without the need for expensive plug-ins.

We leverage all existing government furnished information and work closely with Subject Matter Experts to bring all system information together in one place. By doing this we are able to create a fully interactive complete package with intuitive drill downs on all systems, sub-systems and components. Our products include fully textured 3D rendered images, single and multi segment animations, and voice over audio with readable text. By engaging the student’s senses, we provide a more dynamic learning experience which helps increase student comprehension and retention.

Tactical Radio Features

• Course introduction with learning objectives

• Audio text narration (on/off toggle functionality)

• Audio sounds of equipment (buzzers, alerts, alarms)

• Pop-up: warnings, cautions and notes

• 3D animated instructional video

• Highlighting to draw user’s attention

• User manuals and technical documentation provided

• Comprehension Checks (knowledge / performance)

• Interactive practical application (connecting cables, programming frequencies, and keypad/menu)

• End of Lesson Quiz: Custom built database randomly selects questions from a question databank to generate tests, grade tests and tracks student progress

• MarineNet/SCORM requirements conformant

• Viewable through Internet Explorer

Platform Integration Features

• 360 degree digital animation of the vehicles

• Interactive 3D models

• Full view shows animation of where radio is located in the vehicle

• Zoom feature allows you to zoom in on object and move it around the screen

• 3D views of cable layouts

• Interactive cabling lets you view the cable in 3D; mouse over cable and it highlights a pop-up shows item name; click on a cable and it opens a 2D drawing of the cable assembly

• User manuals / technical documentation provided

• Executable that works in Adobe Flash Player

Design Mill Development Standards

We design and develop to customer specifi  cations following industry standards and Department of Defense (DoD) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) requirements to include, but not limited to:

• Military Handbook 61A Confi  guration Management Guidance

• TECOM College of Continuing Education Design and Development Standards

• MarineNet Courseware Development Technical Standards

• NMCI Core Build Contents

• MarineNet and SCORM conformant

Benefits of using IETMs and IMIs

• Allows user to interactively navigate through extensive amounts of information quickly and easily

• Access to information through organized hyperlinks

• Users have 24/7 remote access to technical information

• An interactive, hands-on experience gives the user a better understanding of the system

• Allows technical information to be delivered visually via 3D models

• Eliminates costs of paper distribution

• More effi  cient than paper manuals

• More effi  cient, cost-effective method to control, deliver and maintain data

• Reduces administrative costs

• Streamlines the training process

• Superb for enhancing formal training, refresher training, system upgrades and new equipment training.

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