Legends to Life Project Launch at Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary

On June 13, 2014 Design Mill launched the Legends to Life Project on Kickstarter, debuting the project technology at the 25th Anniversary of Field of Dreams in Dyersville, IA.

The Legends to Life Project is a digital documentary via mobile app giving visitors to the Field of Dreams the chance to create their own magical experience from their smart device.  Legends to Life harnesses the technology of one of our current products; Insite™.  In tech terms Insite™ is a mobile app functioning as an augmented reality browser.  In non-tech terms it is an app that shows a digital and interactive layer of content over real world objects.  After downloading the app, users can view digital re-creations of the iconic movie scenes, interact with the digital players to start animations and sound effects, and see information about the movie location.

Visit our Kickstarter page for all of the information and to donate to the project: Legends to Life Project



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