Design Mill To Present at MODSIM World 2014

Design Mill’s Research and Development Manager, Sam Murley, is set to present in partnership with Tracy Lenuik at the MODSIM World 2014 conference on April 16, 2014 in Hampton, VA. The presentation, “Data on Demand: Building a Framework to Support Platform-Independent Visualization (PIV)” will take place as a part of this international conference and exposition for collaboration and transfer of M&S knowledge, new research, development and applied technology across all public and private sectors.

For complex systems of interest to numerous stakeholders spanning a broad range of disciplines and perspectives, the necessity and priority of visualized information is personal. Customization of large data sets typically includes elements of search-ability, retrieve-ability, and configuration management; but the visualization of that data is often limited to a designated platform, such as a tablet or mobile phone.

Georgia Tech Research Institute and Design Mill, Inc. partner to make Platform-Independent Visualization (PIV) a reality for the U.S. Marine Corps. This approach of stakeholder-driven design, rather than platform-driven design, pushes visualization into a new category of customizable information. Authors Lenuik and Murley walk through the development and deployment of a scalable PIV framework to support visualization across any device (web, mobile, wearable-computing) in both connected and disconnected states. Industry leaders and technical experts weigh in on this fascinating discussion of the future of visualization. See more at:



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