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DMI Team Wins Intel® VR Coder Challenge

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DMI Team Wins Intel® VR Coder Challenge

Innovative Training Simulator for an Agricultural Sprayer Takes Top Honors in a Field of Eight Intel® Software Innovator Teams

An ingenious virtual reality application for farming—a VR simulator to train agricultural sprayer operators—earned Team Crop Dusters top honors in the Ultimate Coder IV: VR Challenge, an invitational competition cosponsored by Intel and Microsoft*.

Eight finalist teams consisting of Intel® Software Innovators competed to create the most compelling commercial VR applications, ultimately placing their project in the Microsoft Store – all in eight weeks. Throughout the competition, teams posted their progress on Developer Mesh, an online community where developers share projects, collaborate with others and find and follow world-class innovators.  Read more on the Intel Software Developer Zone here:  https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2018/12/04/crop-dusters-win-ultimate-coder-iv-vr-challenge