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Design Mill To Launch Collaborative Framework

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Design Mill To Launch Collaborative Framework

Design Mill is set to launch its Collaborative Framework tool at this week’s Modern Day Marine expo held at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA from September 22 – 24, 2015.  Design Mill’s Collaborative Framework technology is a progressive communication and visualization tool designed to connect users across platforms to propel a product’s lifecycle forward.

Driven by a need for streamlined design process efficiencies, the Collaborative Framework system integrates real-time communication between users across multiple platforms.  The system is highly interactive with mixed reality interfaces and 3D visualization of simulated environments.  “It’s the next step to ensure all users are engaged in the process in a way that makes sense for them.  It’s really never been this seamless before; engineers can interact with a wireframe editor on their computer in their office in absolute synchronicity with a field agent visualizing those edits through augmented reality in his own environment,” says Design Mill CEO, Nathan Greiner.  This platform provides an opportunity for a high level of collaboration resulting in more productive design and iteration operations and ultimately enhancing the product lifecycle.

Design Mill will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall of the Modern Day Marine expo and will be available September 22-24 10:00am – 3:00pm for Collaborative Framework demonstrations and discussion as well as showcasing an Augmented Reality Touch Table.


Design Mill, Inc. is a cutting edge systems integration and visualization firm delivering pioneering results for industry leading organizations and the Department of Defense.  Transforming the landscape of strategic integration, Design Mill delivers innovative and interactive solutions for design, development, and processes.  With a focus on next-generation initiatives for virtual and augmented reality, Design Mill enables clients to unlock revolutionary customer engagement approaches and untapped growth strategies to generate synergies for a new level of success.

Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base, Quantico, the Exposition’s home base. MCB Quantico, home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command, is responsible for setting requirements, developing equipment and systems and purchasing the equipment and systems that the Marine Corps will rely on in the years to come. These vital and unique functions play a large part in positioning Modern Day Marine as the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.